Ian Ferrier

Ian Ferrier blends elements of poetry, song, and spoken word in his one-of-a-kind performance art, delivering a medley of literature and popular culture. Musically rooted in blues-driven inquiries into love, sex, and death, and poetically rooted in the cosmology of the Beats, Ferrier is also a founder of the spoken word label Wired on Words. He performs both as a solo artist and with the trance/improv music project Pharmakon MTL, mixing whispered and sung vocals, multiple guitars and drums into an absorbing voyage. Ferrier has released a CD/book Exploding Head Man (2004), and two CDs, What Is This Place? (2007) and To Call Out in the Night (2010). His poems have also been set on the page in anthologies from Montréal presses, such as Conundrum's Impure-Reinventing the Word and Vehicule's Poetry Nation. An active contributor to Montréal's literary community, Ferrier is a past president of the Quebec Writers' Federation (DN).

Photo credit, Sandra Belanger, Quebec, 2009