Klyde Broox

Jamaican born Klyde Broox is a veteran, welltravelled, 70s vintage dub poet who first gained significant public recognition as "Durm-I." Broox taught English then worked in the curriculum unit of Jamaica's ministry of education before migrating to Canada in 1993, to settle in Hamilton, Ontario. A former University of Miami James Michener Fellow, Klyde also won the 2005 City of Hamilton Arts Award for Literature. He has published two volumes of poetry: Poemstorm (Swansea, Wales, 1989) and the award winning, My Best Friend is White (McGilligan Books, 2005). Klyde hosts a monthly hometown Open Mic event called PoeMagic. Steeped in both old and new world oral and scribal traditions, Klyde usually invites audiences and workshop participants to experience poetry as social communion. He is a member of Toronto's Dub Poets Collective.