Kaie Kellough

Né in the way out West, Kaie Kellough has been based in Montréal since 1998. He is a bilingual author, editor, educator, and general word sound systemizer. His bop-inflected vox and text syncopate Canada's solitudes. Kaie has performed and published across Canada and in the United States. His poetry has recently appeared in Shelf magazine (Houston, TX, 2010), and 580 Split, a journal of arts and letters (Oakland, 2010).

Kaie is the author of two poetry books, Lettricity (Cumulus Press, 2004), and, his latest book, Maple Leaf Rag (Arbeiter Ring Publishing, April 2010). Kaie and his work have been featured on CBC radio, Zed TV, and Bravo. He recently completed a sound recording, Vox Versus, that will be released on the Wired on Words imprint in 2011. Since 2005, Kaie has conducted language workshops as part of Blue Metropolis, Montréal's premier literary festival. Since 2007 he has received annual invitations to discuss language and poetry with undergraduate students in McGill University's Faculty of Education. He has given educational, language-centred presentations throughout Montréal at the high school, CÉGEP, and university levels, and he has twice been commissioned to create themed performance poems by the Quebec Ministry of Education. His commissioned works have been taught throughout the province of Quebec.

Photo credit, Elsa Marie Jabre