bill bissett

born on lunaria far distant planet arrivd on erth on th first shutul 2 erth from th brite orange place wher we childrn provdid all th enerjee by combing sereenlee th yello orange lite evree morning from th veree beginning eye wantid 2 write as owing 2 a sereez uv operaysyuns eye wasint abul 2 dance eye lovd putting books 2gethr wrote my first storee in an oxygen tent 11 watching th orange crush go thru tubes i was drinking it thru a straw go in n out uv my bodee first reel pome black black n mor black aftr my first mothr went 2 spirit 14 deth deth n mor deth i was aware uv repitishyun n sound chanting eye was alwayze interestid in sound sylabul oktave leeps changes was n am alwayze wanting 2 xploor sound in poetree sound being poetree whn sound is th most important element uv th pome lungs throat mouth larynx beleef aksyun travl thruout canada n evreewher dewing reedings n art shows ther ar sew manee dimensyuns uv meening being not all uv them based on th transitiv verb or linear meening s cumming

most recent book time from talonbooks othr books sublingual ths is erth thees ar peopul also from talonbooks most recent cd ths is erth thees ar peopul with pete dako from blu loon prod

4thcumming book work in progress th bear waiting 4 yu at th bottom uv th cave now calld novel from wch anothr versyun uv i get frenzeed just thinking abt it is time th cd with pete dako n ambrose pottie n eric shenkman n penn kemp soon soon soon

photo credit, Tracy Kolenchuk